VIDEO: Donald Trump Jr. reads Eric Trump a bedtime story in SNL’s cold open

After Friday’s revelations of what Manafort lied about and when and the filing which recommended nearly five years in prison for longtime Trump lawyers and fixer Michael Cohen, you knew Saturday Night Live would have a response.

In their cold open, Donald Trump Jr. enters Eric Trump’s room, who is completely settled in his race car bed, and begins reading him a bedtime story. But before reading the story Trump Jr. tells Eric that to stop him if there are any words that he doesn’t understand. Of course, this doesn’t go well and Eric stops him before getting to the second word of the first sentence.

Honestly, SNL’s portrayal of Eric Trump as a complete and total idiot has been hysterical, no matter what your politics.

As the sketch progresses, Eric keeps mentioning a boogeyman in his closet and Trump Jr. assures him there’s absolutely nothing there. Come to find out, Robert DeNiro as Robert Mueller is in Eric’s closet.

When Donald Trump Jr. takes a call from his lawyer informing him that he’s about to be indicted as well, Mueller and Eric Trump have an informative conversation.

Check out SNL’s funny cold open:

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