Utah Rep. Mia Love on “The View’: I’m defined by my principles, not by The White House

The day after the November elections, President Donald Trump held a press conference in which he discussed the previous night’s election results.

He went through various races commenting on them, but when he got to the Republican Utah Representative Mia Love’s race, Trump made a rather odd comment. He said rather dismissively said that “Love showed him no love and she lost. Sorry Mia.”

Well, at that point, Trump had commented before the counting of votes was complete. Apparently, he wasn’t aware that votes were still being counted. The count went back and forth with Love and her Democratic opponent changing positions, from first to second a couple of times before the Love’s opponent was declared the winner by less than 1 percent.

On Friday, Love appeared on “The View” to discuss Trump and his comment on her race. Love says she was obviously surprised by Trump’s commenting, stating:

“I thought we had a good working relationship. I didn’t think I was supposed to walk completely in lock step, that wasn’t my job. My job was represent the people that sent me there to represent them.”

Love then goes on to make a terrific argument of conservative argument and not falling into the cult of personality that so many Liberals did with former President Barack Obama and, likewise the way so many conservatives have with President Trump.

She says “this is about not following a person, to define yourself as a Republican or a Democrat. I’m defined by my principles. I’m defined by my platform and I think that’s what we need to get away from.

She’s then grilled by the many members of the panel and gives terrific conservative answers as to why true conservatism is the best way to lift someone out of poverty and change people’s lives.

She ends the interview by stating that “I am a Republican. I’m a conservative, but I’m not defined by the White House. I’m defined by a set of principles and those principles lift everyone, from the lowest common denominator, up. I am about America.”

Watch Love’s entire interview on The View.  It runs from 13:35 to 23:03.

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