Mueller set to release more details on Cohen and Manafort, Trump goes on Twitter storm

On Friday, we should get more information as to the extent of the cooperation of former Trump campaign CEO Paul Manafort and longtime Trump lawyer Michael Cohen in the Mueller investigation.

Some of that information we should learn is how exactly Manafort broke his plea deal, cooperation agreement with the government. What exactly did Manafort lie about and when?

When it comes to Cohen, Mueller, according to Fox News, is likely to recommend a sentence after he lied to Congress about a Trump real estate deal in Russia in 2017 that did not come to fruition. The recommended sentence for Cohen, whether it be light or not, could point to how much Cohen has cooperated and what information has he given the Mueller investigation.

In addition to the filings that are expected in the Mueller investigation, fired FBI Director James Comey is testifying to Congress behind closed doors.

Ahead of Friday’s revelations in the Mueller investigation, President Donald Trump went on a Twitter storm, tweeting about the Mueller investigation, China and “boarder security.”


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