Comedian kicked off stage….for telling jokes at Columbia University

Writers writer for a living. Athletes plays sports. Artists paint or compose music in order to support themselves.  Also, comedians tell jokes. But someone should really tell that to the students of Columbia University.

That’s because Nimesh Patel, an Indian America comedian, who used to write for Saturday Night Live, was recently booted off the stage for telling jokes. 

Patel was apparently invited by the students of the Asian-American Alliance to perform for an annual charity event. However, the students were so upset by jokes he told that were called “racist” and “homophobic” that he couldn’t just be allowed to go on any further.

What was the joke that was so nasty, so offensive that warranted having his microphone taken away and being kicked off stage?

The former SNL writer apparently was talking about being both gay and black when he said “no one looks in the mirror and thinks, “This black thing is too easy; let me just add another thing to it.”

Oh my God! Horrible isn’t it? I know I almost threw up halfway through it.

But seriously, is there where the youth of society is today? They can’t listen to a joke without being offended and hurt so badly that they must shut someone down? If so, our world is in a sad, sad state.

Not only that, but didn’t the students who invited him have any idea of the kind of material he was likely to perform? If they knew he was so offensive and vulgar that they just couldn’t stand to listen to him, why invite him? If you didn’t know his material and invited him anyway, well then you’re just an idiot.

People, with crap like this, are absolutely ruining comedy. Comedy is all about pushing the limits and oh, even perhaps using naughty language and stating things that may even make us uncomfortable.

People have to grow up, it’s a joke, let it go and move on. If being offended by a joke is your biggest worry in life, I say you’ve got it pretty good.

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