WATCH: Joy Behar uses George H.W. Bush’s death to go after Trump

Joy Behar and most of the women on The View aren’t fans of Donald Trump, which is fine. They have the right to say and believe whatever they please. I also have the right to turn the channel and shut the television off.

Regardless, it appears that liberals will take any and every opportunity to bash President Trump. Recently, on The View, Behar began talking about what George H.W. Bush did on the environment and then goes after Trump, saying that he is trying to undo everything Bush did to protect the earth.

Fine. I get. You have yet another disagreement with President Trump, big surprise. But do liberals really think using the death of a former president is the right way to go about attacking Trump?

But can we really be surprised? No, not really. Trump absolutely infuriates the left and no occasion to attack Trump is too little or too socially unacceptable.

Luckily, Megahn McCain puts up a fight and tries to put a stop to the nonsense.

Check out the Behar’s stupidity:

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