Stay classy podcasts: ‘Ron Burgundy Podcast’ coming in 2019

Ron Burgundy is a classic character that, because of his arrogance and stupidity, never ever gets old and is always good for a laugh.

The former San Diego news anchor is easily Will Ferrell’s most memorable character. The iconic character has spawned two films, the first immensely better than the sequel.

Due to his immense popularity, Ron Burgundy is coming back, but not he won’t behind the anchor’s desk. Instead, he’ll be behind the microphone, likely giving his hilarious takes on current events and the news of today.

“The Ron Burgundy Podcast” is set to hit iHeartRadio in early 2019.  The first season season is slated to be 12 episodes.  The legendary newsman is already expected to do another second, which will hit the airwaves later in the year.

In announcing his podcast, the leader of the Channel 4 news team, did so in the most Ron Burgundy way ever on Twitter.

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