Rahm Emanuel on possible Beto presidential campaign: ‘You don’t usually promote a loser’

Beto O’Rourke is now said to be considering a presidential run in 2020. This even after he lost a senate race to Republican Ted Cruz, even with all the money and the media’s help.

Basically, right after O’Rourke gave his concession speech, many Democrats began clamoring for Beto to run for the highest office in the land. Right from the get go, this seemed like such a strange idea. If O’Rourke cannot win a race for U.S. Senate, why would he think running for president of the United States would be an option?

But I guess that’s just how the minds of most liberals work. However, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel is one person that’s not real keen on the idea of a O’Rourke campaign for president.

The former Obama chief of staff was on MSNBC talking about Nancy Pelosi and just Democrats in general, when he made a very interesting remark on Beto.

Check out the video and go to about the 2:30 mark to hear Emanuel’s feelings on Beto:


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