TRAILER: ‘Happy Death Day 2U’

There are very few films that actually deserve a sequel, but nearly every one of them get them.

One that really did not need a sequel, in my opinion, was “Happy Death Day.” The 2017 horror flick about a woman who keeps reliving the same day over and over again until she eventually figures out her killer was moderately entertaining. It was by no means a terrific piece of cinema but it did have its moments. It was an interesting premise with its Groundhog Day-type story and its obvious mocking of slasher flicks, but a sequel was not needed at all.

The world would’ve been completely fine with just one, standalone film. But I’m sure the first film cost next to nothing to make and it probably made a modest profit, so a sequel it is.

Check out the trailer for “Happy Death Day 2U,” which hits theaters on Valentine’s Day 2019.

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