Laura Loomer chains herself to Twitter headquarters in protest of her ban

Conservative citizen journalist Laura Loomer handcuffed herself to Twitter’s headquarters earlier today in protest over her suspended account. Loomer, who is Jewish, wore a yellow star and carried around printed out Tweets that supposedly caused her suspension.

The protest was broadcast live on Periscope and Loomer shouted “Twitter is upholding sharia when they ban me for tweeting facts about sharia law. I’m here today to stand in solidarity with the millions of conservatives around the world who have been silenced.”

You can watch the entire stream here:

A Twitter spokesperson said authorities were notified but they wouldn’t be doing anything about her protest.

She’s was apparently prepared to stay handcuffed to the door as long as it was necessary.

But then authorities decided to step in.

As of right now, Loomer is the top trend on Twitter and no new updates have been posted since she was taken to the police station.

Last year Loomer was unverified by the social media site and they claim her ban is over hate speech related Tweets toward Minnesotan Democratic Representative-elect Ilhan Omar where she accused him of being pro-sharia law.

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