Feminists create their own version of the Bible

No, this is not a story from Babylon Bee.

The Blaze is reporting that a group of feminist theologians are publishing their own Bible and it will provide “alternative interpretations of traditional scripture and aims to challenge text that might justify the subjugation of women.”

From The Blaze:

The authors of “A Woman’s Bible” assert that they “are tired of seeing their holy text used to subjugate women” and will use their own translation as a tool to teach Christianity in a way that does not portray women as subservient

Christian feminist scholars assert in the book that women in the Bible appear in a negative light as servants or prostitutes who dance for a king or kneel before Jesus’ feet.

Pat pointed out that while it is true that women in the Bible are found kneeling before Jesus to kiss his feet, this was not a negative portrayal of women but rather an act of humility.

The new version of the Bible is being pushed as a rewriting in the era of the #MeToo movement and the authors told Yahoo Lifestyle the book is a “tool for women’s emancipation. Emancipation for women is the freedom to live as a person, not as a rule, the freedom to choose what is the ‘best part,’ not to conform to norms,”

“We want to empower women and men to live who they are, in confidence to their vocation as Christians, and we transmit the message that the biblical texts are not a hindrance to this freedom to become who we are called to become: fully human.”

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  1. Well there are plenty of versions but not one that does away with woman’s position as merely a helpmate to men. It will be an interesting project since the scriptures are almost without doubt a masculine document.
    Some time ago now I suggested online that some of the mastepieces of JS Bach were written by his wife it was not my idea but Professor Martin Jarvis — what a stir it caused. Now we have some interesting information concerning Mendelssohn’s sister Fanny who is now thought to have been as talented as her famous brother.
    It’s not happened yet but I’m waiting to see how Mrs Shakespeare gets on maybe she Hathaway with literature we’ve yet to discover .

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