Family argues over NFL players kneeling, disagreement ends in a shooting

Thanksgiving generally means faith, family and football. And like most family gatherings, the less politics is discussed, the better.

Over the Thanksgiving holiday, one family in North Carolina combined politics and football and it did not go well. As you might recall, a lot of people got pretty upset when NFL players decided to make a political statement by kneeling during the national anthem. This issue has died down significantly, not getting near the attention that it did last season. However, some people still have strong feelings about the situation.

Just after sitting down to an enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, one family in North Carolina got into a heated argument over NFL players kneeling. Two brothers got into such an intense argument that it actually became physical. 

The father then grabbed his gun and actually shot his 21-year-old son. The victim was shot in the leg and the hand. Thankfully, his injuries are not life-threatening.

This was a very strongly debated issue, but perhaps this was taking things a bit too far.




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