Christmas trees in the library trigger librarians

PC culture is creeping its way into the library and has been for quite some time with drag queen story hours, backlash against the American Library Association for their willingness to work with the Trump administration and lately, cases of censoring books in the collection because they don’t line up with the director’s political views or are critical of how Muslims are portrayed in graphic novels.

And apparently, Christmas trees aren’t inclusive enough either.

Rita Meade, a librarian in Brooklyn and children’s book author, believes that Christmas trees have no place in the library and are alienating and exclusionary. And it would seem that many other librarians agree with her.

One librarian tried to disagree saying people were excited their tree was up and giving them compliments, to which Meade responded “I’m sure you get compliments. That’s really not the point.”

Another person thinks Christmas trees should be banished from ALL government buildings but as long as they are up in the White House, that won’t be achievable.

And never mind that Christmas trees have been used to celebrate both Christian and pagan winter holidays – ” ‘secular’ doesn’t equal ‘universal’ or ‘not Christian.’ ”

These reactions to holiday trees in the library is utterly incomprehensible and shows how out of control PC culture is in our society. People don’t want us to enjoy holiday decorations in government funded public spaces because it’s not inclusive enough.

This is worse than the backlash over Starbucks’ holiday cups.

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