Beto O’Rourke already changing his answer on 2020 run

Robert Francis O’Rourke is not a United States Senator. Beto, despite the media’s constant swooning, was not able to take down the left’s version of Satan, Republican Senator Ted Cruz.

But even before Beto gave his concession speech, the media was talking about him as a potential 2020 Democratic presidential candidate. I guess it makes sense, right? After his time as a congressman is up in January, what else does he have to do?

At the time, following his and the media loss to Cruz stated that he wasn’t interested in running for president.  But that was then and now the media’s favorite candidate since Obama has changed his tune dramatically.

The failed senate candidate is now saying that he’s not ruling a 2020 run. At a recent town hall, the Democrat said the following:

“We’re thinking through a number of things and Amy and I made a decision not to rule anything out. The best advice I received from people who’ve run for and won and run for and lost elections like this, is don’t make any decisions about anything until you’ve had some time to hang with your family and just be human. And so I am following that advice.”

Does anyone really think he’s not going to at least put together an exploratory committee and test the waters? As I’ve said before, any Democrat with any name recognition at all is going to give it a go. I mean, Hillary Clinton is being mentioned as a potential 2020 candidate, so why not Beto?

Beto already has the media behind him and a cult-like following. Who can forget these creepy and cringeworthy videos as his supporters show their total, blind devotion.


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