Abortion doctor thinks a fetus needs to ask permission to reside in a uterus

Leah Torres’ bio on her Twitter account reads: “Nasty Woman OB/Gyn promoting healthy sexual practices & education. Political activist & general do-gooder.” She’s proud to do abortions and she’s done respecting other people’s viewpoints.

One Twitter user owned her with this response,” Oh, I’m sorry, are your feelings hurt? You know who else’s are? All the babies you’ve ripped apart.”

Torres gave one of the most bizarre answers ever – she believes that a fetus needs to ask permission before it inhabits someone’s womb.

Now that’s taking consent a BIT too far, if you ask me. How in the world is a “clump of cells” that has no control over how it got inside a woman supposed to ask before conception?

According to one person, a pregnant woman can grant or deny permission to a fetus at any time she chooses.

This is a new low, even for the pro-abortion crowd.

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