Melania Trump’s Christmas decorations draw comparisons to death and ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’

The First Lady unveiled the White House Christmas decorations – an entire hall of red Christmas trees and a theme of “American Treasures.”

Just like last year, people were critical of Mrs. Trump’s choice of holiday decorations with some comparing them to “The Handmaid’s Tale” and others calling them the “red Christmas trees of death.”

Christina Cauterucci from Slate devoted an entire essay to the hidden meaning behind the choice, saying it offered a glimpse into the elusive First Lady’s psyche and calling her a “bitter queen.”

Last year, Trump marked her first Christmas in Washington with dancers performing a piece from The Nutcracker, a ballet in which a creepy entertainer grows to a terrifying size, relies on white women to win him a major battle, and orchestrates a rather xenophobic display of the world’s cultures. The internet quickly seized on one of the White House’s holiday spectacles—a dimly lit hallway packed with vases full of dead branches painted white, casting menacing shadows on the ceiling and walls—as a metaphor for Trump’s own lack of warmth and lack of interest in leading the country in any productive direction.

She must have taken that criticism to heart, because that same hallway is now full of light. However, it is also lined with towering blood-red cones, a macabre take on “trees” that taints what might have been a bounty of winter fruit with the flavor of death. Dwarfing any human that dares tread their unholy ground, the installations resemble piles of human entrails, or perhaps cranberry boughs. Either way, they reek of the threat of execution, recalling both a row of handmaids lined up for a hanging and a rose garden painted red for the pleasure of a bitter queen. Merry Christmas!

Seems a bit much for something as simple as decorating the White House for Christmas. Not everything has a hidden meaning.

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