VIDEO: MSNBC says migrants made up of women and children, their reporter on ground says otherwise

MSNBC, like CNN and Fox News all have their narratives. They have these audiences that they are trying to cater to and, for most of the media, at least the mainstream media, that narrative has a liberal bent to it.

Whenever a news organization already has its mind made up before gathering many, if any facts, about a particular situation, that’s not a good thing. That kind of practice isn’t good and it doesn’t if your organization has a liberal, conservative or libertarian point of view. At that point, you’re not reporting the news, you’re editorializing and giving opinion instead of just relaying the facts.

So whenever a news organization’s preconceived narrative is destroyed is always interesting, but when it happens on live TV, well, that’s even better. Take for instance, what happened recently on MSNBC.

MSNBC’s two commentators begin the segment by talking about the high amount of women and children at the border looking to seek asylum as they attempt to get into the United States. Well, their own reporter on the scene, says that’s not totally true.

Check out the video:

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