Sci-fi author claims ‘Lord of the Rings’ is racist because orcs are discriminated against

The “Lord of the Rings” trilogy is one of the best science fiction book series AND cinematic experiences of all time, but recently a science fiction writer claimed that the series is racist because if discriminates against orcs.

Yes, you read that correctly.

In a podcast called Geek’s Guide to the Galaxy, which is run by Wired Magazine, Andy Duncan said British author JRR Tolkien depicted evil creatures such as orcs as ‘worse than others’ and said this had ‘dire consequences for society’.

He also made the claim that “It’s hard to miss the repeated notion in Tolkien that some races are just worse than others, or that some peoples are just worse than others.”

Then he compared the orcs to migrants.

It is easier to demonise one’s opponents than to try to understand them and to understand the complex forces that are leading to, for example, refugees trying to cross the southern border [of the US] legally or illegally.

It’s easier to build walls and demonise them as “scum”.


They aren’t an actual race. This guy has been in fantasy land too long if he truly believes the evil villains Tolkien created are somehow being discriminated against.

Duncan apparently created a parody of LOTR called “Senator Bilbo” and he believes it was prophetic.

Its references to border walls and a “Shire First” policy make it seem more relevant than ever.

Duncan says that’s because the story deals with themes that are, unfortunately, timeless. “In many ways President Trump is unique, but in many ways we have seen his like before,” he says. “We have seen the forces that he has tapped into on the ascendency before.”

There are many allegories written into classic works that one can apply to current events, but it’s a real stretch to somehow equate a fictional race of bad guys with racism. Social justice warriors should really stop trying to ruin things for people.

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