Disagree with comedian, leftist Kathy Griffin? Well, then you’re a ‘transphobic jerk’

Disagree with someone on the left? Have an actual, true disagreement with a leftist about a policy or issue and it is in absolutely no way personal? Well, get ready because in today’s hyper polarized world, holding a differing opinion with someone on the left will likely result in a whole slew of names meant to do nothing more than to shame you into submission and cover up the fact that they are too intellectually lazy to debate.

To be fair, there are some people who can actually hold a debate without resulting to name calling, but it seems that those people are getting harder and harder to find. Regardless, the left loves to throw out all sort of monikers that are to do nothing more than stifle debate.

Some of their favorite include, but are not limited to:

  • racist
  • homophobic
  • xenophobic
  • sexist
  • transphobic
  • white privilege
  • fascist
  • rethuglicans
  • snowflake
  • teabagger
  • wingnut
  • trumpkin

On Monday afternoon, comedian and noted diehard leftist, Kathy Griffin employed this incredibly lazy name-calling tactic when she couldn’t come up with an argument.

You can see the tweet to which Griffin is responding to and for the life of me, just don’t see how anyone could possibly disagree with Mrs. Mandel’s assessment of the situation. Additionally, in Mandel’s tweet you’ll notice how there isn’t any possible hint of hate or anger toward transpeople, but what does Griffin do She lashes out in anger and calls her names simply because Mandel has a different opinion and Griffin obviously can’t refute anything in the tweet to which she is responding. So, she does the only thing she can do, react emotionally and throw out names for good measure.


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