Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez compares migrants to Jews fleeing Germany

The freshmen congresswoman-elect is at it again – this time comparing the plight of Central American migrants to that of the Jews fleeing Germany during the Holocaust.

Many users responded to her Tweets, telling her that she needed to learn some history. The United States did in fact, turn away thousands of Jewish people seeking refuge out of fear they might be Nazi spies.

Liberal darling President Franklin D. Roosevelt argued that refugees posed a serious threat to national security.

Sound familiar?

She then went on to say America was denying immigrants and essentially denying themselves because many are small business owners that help our economy.

For some reason, Democrats fail to realize NO ONE CARES if people immigrate here. It just needs to be done legally. Laws are in place to keep America safe and the people who are already here legally should be protected above all others.

Pretty simple to grasp, yet half the country can’t seem to understand it.

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