Former Sen. Al Franken releases Thanksgiving statement, possible comeback in mind?

Former Minnesota Sen. Al Franken resigned at the the end of last year following several allegations of sexual misconduct, including a photo of him grabbing a sleeping woman. However, he continued to deny the allegations, even despite the photographic proof.

Since stepping down from the United States Senate, the former SNL writer has been extremely quiet. The #MeToo movement took down someone who was, at one time, thought of as a possible presidential candidate.  But those hopes seem to long fade away after he stepped down.

But now Stuart Smalley may possible be considering a comeback of some kind. On Thanksgiving, Franken released a statement on his Facebook page, in which he describes his life since resigning from elected office.

He discusses the turmoil he and his family went through last Thanksgiving when those allegations first started to come out, everything he’s thankful for in life. Generally, it’s a pretty bland and vanilla statement, but there was one passage sentence that sounds as if Franken may be possibly considering a return “to the fight,” as Franken call it.

He may not be considering a return to public office, but if Hillary Clinton, a two-time losing presidential candidate is reportedly mulling over a 2020 campaign, why not Franken?

While he does explicitly says he’s not running for office, he does have this interesting and vague tidbit:

I still miss being in the fight every day, and while I’m certainly not running for anything, I hope that, in the next year, I’ll have the chance to help make a difference again.

Check out Stuart Smalley’s entire statement here:

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