‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ accused of racism

Charlie Brown is now a racist. Yes, the kid who cannot kick a field goal, whose dog is more well liked amongst his peers and is just generally, a lovable loser, is now a raging member of the KKK.

Social media has spoken has deemed that not just Charlie, but the entire Peanuts gang probably all have white-hooded robs. Twitter users are pointing to one scene in ‘A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving’ as evidence of the extreme racism secretly harbored by Charlier, Linus and Lucy.

How is this scene racist? Well, according to Twitter, it’s because Franklin, the lone black character is sitting by himself.

Apparently, social media also missed the classic’s blatant sexism as Marcie is also sitting at the end of the table all by herself. Was Charles Schultz a raging racist and sexist?

No, but social media users must fill their time by asking pointless questions about a 40-year-old cartoon.

In the words for Charlie Brown, good grief!!

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