Actress thought about giving baby away because Trump became President

Remember actress Amber Tamblyn? Tibby from “The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” and Martha from the bad seasons of “House”?

Well it would seem that she had a mid-pregnancy panic and considered giving her baby away to Canadians or Swedes.

Tamblyn recently read a short story she wrote about the night at feminist writer Roxanne Gay’s “Feminist AF” series and said:

“A dark realization swallowed me: I was going to bring a baby into this world. And not just any baby: a girl.” Tamblyn recalled imagining if she should give her baby away to Canadians or Swedes.

At a subway station the following day, Tamblyn read, she began experiencing pain and shortness of breath, which caused her collapse on the stairs. She recalled a “homeless man” saying, “Oh shit, it’s going down!” and offering to cut her umbilical cord with beard scissors if she went into labor. Ultimately, Tamblyn learned she was just having a panic attack.

“How can I keep her safe?’” Tamblyn recalled asking her doctor on a visit about the attack.


Tamblyn didn’t go through with it but the fact that something like that even crossed her mind just shows how ridiculous Hollywood’s reaction to Trump is.

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