Man says he was injured after being sat next to obese man on plane, suing airlines

People use the court system for nearly any and every perceived slight, real or imagined.

Didn’t like how that guy looked at you? A private club won’t let you in because you don’t meet their requirements? An election didn’t go the way you wanted it? Don’t worry, there’s likely a law firm or at the very least, an attorney who is willing to take your case.

Well, this lawsuit is likely to be one of those that will have you rolling your eyes.

A man who flew on a 13-hour British Airways flight over two years ago is now suing the airline. He claims that because he an obese man was sat next to him he actually ended up with injuries.

Yes, seriously.

He says that because of his uncomfortable seating situation, he sustained a number of injuries, including a pelvic injury and even nerve damage.

I understand sitting in confined spaces with uh…larger people isn’t fun and uncomfortable. But this kind of lawsuit is nothing more than a money grab, especially given the extended period of time between the incident and when it was filed.

I suspect a judge will simply throw this one out or at least they should.



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