Kirsten Powers says white women who voted for Trump are racist

CNN isn’t a fan President Donald Trump but they love talking about the subject of racism.

The Cable News Network also enjoys attributing people’s actions simply to their race and then claiming an entire group of people do or don’t do something, well it’s simply because they harbor racist feelings. So, tell me who is the real racist?

Well, recently USA Today and CNN contributor Kirsten Powers was on Don Lemon’s program to discuss white women and their support of Donald Trump. Powers begins the conversation by simply saying that white women who voted for Trump, instead of Hillary Clinton because “they didn’t like her,” are racist.


She mentions comments Trump has made about the caravan and the border as evidence of his blatant racism. Powers then goes on to talk about the patriarchal society and how white women are oppressed. But of course, neither Lemon or Powers points out the obvious: Kirsten Powers, a white women, is on a major cable news network talking about how white women are oppressed in society.

The left undercuts their argument whenever they resort to name calling. Calling someone a racist is intellectually lazy way to attempt to win an argument. Essentially, it’s saying that none of your points are valid and I don’t have to take the time to formulate a coherent response because everything you say is automatically wrong because it’s influenced by your overt racism.

If Powers or anyone else of the left believes this kind of argument is going to change minds, they are simply fooling themselves.


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