Trump willing to help Pelosi become Speaker of House again: ‘I like her. Can you believe it?’

When the new-elected members of Congress take their the positions in January, Democrats will have control of the House of Representatives.

While the Republicans will still have control of the Senate, there’s no doubt that the House will command most of the attention. Will the Democrats in the House launch investigations into Trump and his administration? Will they be able to work with President Trump in order to get anything done?

As important and intriguing as those questions are, the one on most prominent at this point, concerning the Democrats in the house is who will be the Speaker? Odds are it will once again be Rep. Nancy Pelosi. However, several of those newly-elected members of the House have already said they wouldn’t vote for Pelosi as Speaker. 

Despite those in Democratic Representatives saying they want change in House leadership, Pelosi still feels confident she become Speaker of the House. But if Pelosi does have any issues and needs some help, that assistance from an unlikely source: President Donald Trump.

Yes, Trump says he’s willing to lend a hand in order to help Nancy become Speaker of the House, saying that “I like her. Can you believe it?”

Let’s be honest, while Trump says he like Pelosi and wants to help her become speaker again, it’s a completely and total political maneuver.  Trump wants Pelosi to take that position again, thinking that Democrats will not get anything done in two years, spend all of their time investigating Trump and his administration. Then Trump can blame the Democrats for not getting anything done for the next years, which helps to boost his  and other Republican re-election chances.



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