Yep, Sour Patch Kids cereal is happening

A week of odd, but real products continues.

First, there was a conservative company that released “MAGA” blocks, children’s toys that encourage children to “build the wall. Then there was a teddy bear with a striking resemblance to President Trump, of course, called “Trumpy Bear,” complete with a strikingly odd and comical infomercial.

Now, in what is arguably even stranger than the aforementioned products, a candy favorite can be enjoyed during breakfast.

Yes, despite what your mother may have said, you can now have candy for breakfast. Sour Patch Kids cereal is coming to a store near you. In what is sure to wake you up in the morning, the cereal is said to be as sour as the candy pieces.

Unfortunately, for you, sugar-addicted reader, you’ll have to wait a few weeks before enjoying Sour Patch Kids cereal. The cereal will hit shelves exclusively at Walmart on Dec. 26 and can be purchased for less than $4.

Listen, I’m all about sugar. Starburst is as good as gold, in my humble opinion, but this is taking things a bit too far. Sour Patch Kids cereal doesn’t sound the least bit appetizing.





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