Company gives all their employees handguns as gift

The holiday season is the time for giving. It’s better to give than to receive. It’s really the thought that counts and every other cliche about gifts that may apply.

Regardless of your choice of cliche to explain the holiday season and gift-giving, it really is an opportunity to show someone how much you really (another cliche).

One company is Wisconsin showed their employees how much they appreciated their hard word and dedication by giving out some rather unexpected gifts.  BenShot, a glass company, gave every one of their 16 employees handguns for the holidays.

The company gave each employee a gift card for the gun so they could go through a gun safety course and have the necessary background checks performed.

One of the co-owners of BenShot said the gift-giving decision was a way to encourage safety and camaraderie¬†amongst the company’s employees.

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