Beto O’Rourke invited to Des Moines by Iowa Democrats

Mid-term elections are over and the Democrats are turning their attention to the next Presidential election. Minutes after his defeat in Texas, Senate hopeful Beto O’Rourke’s name was being thrown around as a potential contender for the Democratic Party’s nomination to run against Trump in 2020.

It would seem the Iowa Democratic Party is taking that seriously. The Dallas Morning news is reporting that the Polk County Democratic Party in Des Moines  which boasts a third of Iowa’s Democratic voters has invited him to visit.

“People were going crazy trying to figure where he was and what I knew and where he might be going,” said Sean Bagniewski, chairman of the Polk County Democrats. “It was like Beatlemania, for God’s sake. It was like all weekend long, supposed sightings. … There’s definitely some electricity there.”

“We would love to host him,” Bagniewski said. “He was unapologetically progressive. He’s a young face. He wasn’t afraid to be himself. Democrats are often very poll tested, very consultant-driven. He was more authentic in a way that people haven’t seen since Barack Obama, so he connected with people nationwide in ways that some of our more cautious political leaders haven’t.”

“It’s real. In Iowa, everybody knows the next person that they want to meet and by far he is the No. 1 person that’s being requested right now — volunteers. Elected officials. Our membership base,” he said. “Everybody right now is asking for Beto.”

A poll has already placed him in third place among Democratic hopefuls – right behind Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders.

So far O’Rourke hasn’t announced his future plans or responded to the invitation from Iowa.

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