VIDEO: MSNBC contributor believes Trump will use military to stay in office if he loses in 2020

It’s hard to believe MSNBC still has an audience, but they are still on television so someone is apparently watching, for some reason.

The folks on “Morning Joe,” former Republican Congressman Joe Scarborough and Mika Brezinski, who used to be buddy, buddy with President Trump when he was a candidate but that is long since gone. Both are strongly anti-Trump.

So, knowing their strong dislike of the president, it only makes sense that they would have guests who feel the same way.  Donny Deutsch is one of the people who doesn’t like Trump and on Monday, he made that abundantly clear, essentially calling Trump a dictator, a tyrant.

Duetsch said that Trump will, if he loses in 2020, refuse to leave the White House and call upon his supporters and the military to take to the streets.

Check out his comments:

Forgive me, but when Democrats lost in 2016, wasn’t it Democrats who took to the streets, blocked interstates and injured police officers simply because they lost the election and refused accept the results?


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