New Planned Parenthood president: ‘I don’t think that politicians have any role to play in the exam room’

Planned Parenthood has a new President. Dr. Leana Wen, was appointed to the position earlier this year and officially assumed the role this week. Wen was interviewed by CBS This Morning, talking about the role of politics in healthcare, birth control access and how becoming a mother solidified her position that abortion is a health care right.

Wen told CBS that “as a doctor” she’s proud to lead the organization as they “deliver life saving care to 2.5 million people every year.”

Hmmm. What about those 321,384 lives you snuffed out last year through abortion?

When asked if she had any trepidation about becoming president of the organization because she’s a new mother and the position has become so politicized, she replied that being a parent has “clarified my values” and “what I want to do is to shape the future for my son Eli. It’s a future where all people are treated the same, all people have the right to healthcare, a society where we trust women and all people to make the best decisions for themselves and their bodies.”

As expected, the conversation took a political turn when the hosts asked her about the Trump administration’s latest birth control rules and how she would work with the administration that she’s sued twice.

“I can’t believe it’s 2018 and we’re still debating birth control. Imagine if we’re having the same conversation about vasectomies or about insulin. Women’s healthcare is healthcare and healthcare shouldn’t be political,” Wen said.

Health care isn’t political, you say? How do you explain the political arm of Planned Parenthood dishing out $30 million dollars during the mid-term elections and actively working to get Democrats elected?

She also believes there is a real “likelihood that Roe vs. Wade could be overturned in this Supreme Court, which would leave 25 million women without access to reproductive rights.” Wen says she’s deeply concerned about that “from a public health perspective.”

You know what she’s also concerned about? Gun violence. Wen shared a tweet on her personal Twitter account that says gun violence is a health issue.

The take-aways from this: Planned Parenthood talks health care, but keeps coming back to abortion which they profit off of annually. Wen is for gun control and the organization will continue to pour money into liberal politicians pockets to advance their agenda.

Republicans should have defunded them when they had the chance.


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