Fox News supports CNN’s lawsuit against White House, releases statement

Jim Acosta is a reporter who enjoys being apart of the news instead of actually reporting it.  The CNN reporter has gained notoriety for his many spats with President Trump during media availabilities.

Normally, Acosta ends up just talking over Trump or asking the same question over and over again, drowning out every other reporter. However, last week Mr. Acosta took it a step too far for the White House, putting hands on a White House intern and had his White House press credentials revoked.

Following this, CNN filed a lawsuit against Trump, Sarah Huckabee Sanders and a host of other people, claiming that Acosta’s First Amendment rights were being violated.

On Wednesday, in a move that many probably didn’t see coming, Fox put out a statement supporting their competition’s suit against the Trump administration.

Check out Fox News’ entire statement:

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