Republican Martha McSally may become US Senator after all

U.S. Representative Martha McSally may actually end up in the United States Senate after all. This despite her loss to Democrat Krysten Sinema in Arizona.

Following her loss, McSally posted the following message on social media:

Sinema, a former US Congresswoman from Arizona, was recently declared the winner. She takes over the seat from retiring Sen. Jeff Flake, who has been mentioned as a potential primary candidate for President Trump in 2020.

No, if McSally does become a United States Senator, it won’t be because of a Florida-like recount where officials suddenly find new votes. However, she could be appointed to the seat by held the late Arizona John McCain.

Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey had previously appointed former Arizona Senator John Kyl to fill McCain’s seat, but said he would only hold the seat until January, which means, if he decides not to fill out the rest of McCain’s term, the governor would again appoint someone else to fill the seat. 

If the governor of Arizona indeed appoints someone else to the seat, McSally is thought to get strong consideration.

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