Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez ‘outraged’ Amazon has chosen Long Island as second headquarters

A formal announcement is on the way, but the Wall Street Journal is reporting that Amazon has made its decision on where to build their second headquarters. The corporation has selected Long Island City in New York and Arlington, Virginia, splitting the headquarters into two locations.

Newly elected congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortex, who will be representing New York’s 14th district, expressed outrage on Twitter after the story broke.

Several cities were vying for the second warehouse, including Indianapolis who already houses a large warehouse and will be getting a second shipping center in nearby Greenwood.

Not only were people excited about the prospect of more jobs for the community but according to Glass Door, Amazon employees seem pretty happy with their employee benefits.

The REAL problem Ocasio-Cortez has here is tax breaks and capitalism. Socialists who want to “spread the wealth” can’t see past their broken view of economics and realize that offering incentives to large companies will in turn require in those companies to invest in the community around it.

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