Republican Martha McSally may become US Senator after all

U.S. Representative Martha McSally may actually end up in the United States Senate after all. This despite her loss to Democrat Krysten Sinema in Arizona. Following her loss, McSally posted the following message on social […]

WATCH: Group protests Ben Shapiro at Ohio State University

Ben Shapiro is one of, if not, the most popular conservative political commentator working today. He’s the author of several best-selling books, the host of one of the most listened to political podcasts, The Ben […]

New Zealand paper makes huge blunder in announcing comic book writer Stan Lee’s death

Comic book writer Stan Lee passed away Monday at age 95. Lee is responsible for creating some of the most iconic superheroes, including Spider-Man, The Hulk, Doctor Strange, Daredevil and Black Panther. In his last […]