John McClane, ‘Die Hard’ returning to theaters for 30th anniversary

“Die Hard” and John McClane are coming back to theaters.  Yes, the best action and Christmas flick ever produced will be playing on the big screen, but only for a few days.

It will be playing in theaters on Nov. 11 and the 14 as part of the 30th anniversary of the film’s release. 

While the film has spawned a number of sequels, none of them have compared to the original.

If, for whatever reason, you haven’t seen one of the greatest films ever made, here’s a short little synopsis:

Bruce Willis stars as John McClane, a New York City cop visiting his estranged wife in Los Angeles on Christmas Eve. He stops by the Nakatomi Tower, a high-rise building in downtown LA. Unfortunately, during his friendly stop, the building gets over taken by terrorists. McClane reluctantly springs into action and pretty soon the bullets begin flying and the body count starts piling up.



For more information and tickets, click here. 

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