WATCH: President Trump, CNN’s Jim Acosta get into heated exchange

CNN is not a fan of President Trump. Likewise, Trump doesn’t hold the Cable News Network in real high esteem. And neither is real good at concealing their true feelings about one another.

For example, take President Trump’s news conference today. The President came out and talked about the Republicans that won, the races the GOP lost, about losing the House of Representatives and attempted to spin it the best he could.

What else did anyone really expect him to do? He’s a Republican president, head of the party and has at least two more years as president and has to work together with a now-Democratic House. He has to put the best face on the situation and that was what he was trying to do.

After giving his prepared remarks, Trump took “a few questions” and that’s when the fireworks began. After a few minutes, the president called on his least favorite reporter, CNN’s Jim Acosta, who then proceeded to ask about the migrant caravan.

Acosta questioned the president calling the migrant caravan “an invasion,” saying that he’s not an invasion and that the United States is not, in fact, being invaded.

Trump, of course, didn’t appreciate the question and went after CNN and Acosta, telling him to run concentrate on running CNN and let “me run the country.”

Trump definitely has a point. The press constantly wants to play these semantic, word games and never really look at the big picture. Instead, they are always looking for these “gotcha” moments. Acosta, it seems, is prone to these type of situations. The guy is either a glutton for punishment, an attention whore or, likely, both.

Acosta then proceeds to attempt to ask several more questions and at one point pulls the mic away from a young woman trying to pass it along to another reporter.

Acosta, again, makes himself the center of attention, he becomes the story when a reporter should do just that and not become the story themselves.

After Acosta, NBC’s Peter Alexander tries to do something similar and things don’t go much better.

Check out the absurd, tense scene from today’s press conference:

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