Like clockwork, liberals are blaming white women for last night’s election results

Since the 2016 election when white women didn’t vote for Hillary Clinton, it’s been trendy to blame them for election losses. Liberals think they’re either a) racist, b) being told who to vote for by their husbands, c) protecting the patriarchy or d) all of the above.

They just can’t FATHOM that a woman would vote against her own body and interests willingly!!

The real issue is liberals simply don’t like it that these women are thinking for themselves. It’s extremely outdated to assume women are voting for someone just because their husbands told them they should.

Maybe if the other side would actually talk to us, they’d hear we believe in capitalism, strong borders, protecting life, lower taxes, the right to defend ourselves with a firearm if we so choose and smaller government.

Trying to tell women how to vote is patronizing and assumes we’re not educated enough to make our own decisions. We vote based on our values and what we think is important to the future of this country.




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