Dem Beto drops F-bomb live on MSNBC

Robert Francis O’Rourke, better known as Beto O’Rourke, will not be serving in the United States Senate. In order to do that candidates must win an election. Beto failed to do exactly that.

Despite, the media’s best efforts, Beto lost to Republican Ted Cruz. However, that fact hasn’t stopped those on the left calling for the Democrats to nominate Beto for president in 2020.

Honestly, should we really be surprised? They’re the party that actually nominated Hillary Clinton after she was defeated by Obama.

However Democrats feel about Beto’s political future, the fact remains that Beto lost a race Dems sunk millions and millions of dollars into and ended up with no return on their investment. In announcing his loss to his supporters, Beto got a little carried away and dropped an F-bomb. The problem was MSNBC was carrying their favorite candidate as he was giving his concession speech.

Check out Beto’s nationally televised F-bomb:

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