‘Breaking Bad’ film in the works

It looks like Hollywood is once again going back to old material for more films. This time it’s the dark comedy/drama/thriller television series“Breaking Bad” that appears to be getting the film treatment.

According to Variety, the show’s creator Vince Gilligan is working on a film that apparently is connected to the popular television program.

The film is being described as a follow-up to what happens after the series finale, where (spoiler alert) Walt is killed and Jesse gets away.

Now, I understand there is this absolutely huge, dedicated following to this program about the manufacturer and sale of meth. I’m also familiar enough with the series to know Bryan Cranston was the high school chemistry teacher turned drug dealer turned ruthless, hardened murder/criminal. Also, there was the popular catchphrase “yeah, bitch,” which was uttered by the lovable loser Jesse Pinkman.

I get all of that, I do. But for whatever reason, “Breaking Bad was never a show that I got into, haven’t gone back to and likely, will not.

Either way, “Breaking Bad” fans, are I know there are a lot of you other there, here’s something to look forward to, I guess.

Is this a good or a bad idea?

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