WATCH: Al Gore is returning to ‘South Park’

South Park is a show that has stood the test of time. It’s been on television for more than two decades and continues to be more popular than ever, drawing in millions of viewers each week. That doesn’t not counting those who watch the next day on Hulu and on

Likely one of the biggest reasons for the show’s success and longevity is that it’s an equal opportunity offender. They take shots at anybody and everybody, including liberal politicians and celebrities.

Probably the most popular liberal politician the program has gone after in a characteristically South Park way is former Vice President Al Gore. Originally, the Gore appeared on the show during the height of his post-government popularity with his global warming flick “An Inconvenient Truth.”

That particular episode brought with it such memorable things such as “serial,” “excelsior” and “Manbearpig,” which Gore was found to be making up in order to get attention.

Now, it looks like Gore is making a triumphant return to South Park and meeting up with Cartman, Stan, Kyle and Kenny.

Check out the clip below:

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