SNL’s Pete Davidson mocks wounded veteran running for Congress, candidate responds

Saturday Night Live isn’t a fan of Republicans. Essentially, Weekend Update has become nothing more than 10 minutes of joke after joke after Republicans, which is fine. They have every right to do just.

However, if you didn’t watch this weekend’s episode of SNL, don’t worry you didn’t miss much. The incredibly forgetful Jonah Hill hosted along and Maggie Rogers was the musical guest.

Like nearly every single SNL episode, there were a few funny skits, some truly awful, bizarre ones and other that just went on for entirely too long. However, a part of this most recent episode has caused a bit of controversy.

You see, during the Weekend Update sketch, Pete Davidson has a bit where he came on and basically lambasted the appearances of Republican candidates. Going after someone’s appearance for a laugh seems incredibly lazy, but I guess if that’s what your audience wants you give it to them. But at one point during his five-minute bit, Davidson went after Texas Republican congressional candidate Dan Crenshaw.

Now, Crenshaw lost his eye while serving in Afghanistan. As expected, this comment caused a bit of a stir. Everyone was calling SNL and Davidson to immediately apologize for the cheap shot.

However, one surprising voice in the controversy said they weren’t going to demand Davidson nor SNL apologize: Crenshaw.

Instead, Crenshaw said that he wants our society and country to get away from everyone demanding an apology anytime someone says something controversial.

However, he did go on to say that veterans, especially those injured while serving, probably shouldn’t be the butt of jokes. He also makes the point that the joke was lazy and not creative in the slightest.

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