Getting what you deserve: Man robbing Georgia McDonald’s accidentally shoots self

No one likes those who cheat, lie and steal to get ahead in life.┬áHard work, determination and perseverance are the traits that will change and improve one’s life.

That’s why people have little to no patience for criminals. They take the easy way out and take what they haven’t earned. So when a criminal gets what they deserve, well most people are likely to consider that justice and one criminal in Georgia likely got what he deserved.

According to the Associated Press, a man entered a McDonald’s in Macon carrying a gun and wearing a wig and demanded money. Obviously, not wanting to get himself or his employees shot, took the criminal to the safe.

However, when the man was attempting to flee the scene…well things didn’t quite work out as planned. Somehow his gun went off, shooting himself in the thigh.

He was transported to the hospital, in non-life threatening condition and of course, after he’s released, will be arrested.

Sometimes things just work out and people get what they deserve.


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