China to begin massive population surveillance

According to The Federalist, China is in the process of developing a massive population surveillance program that would essentially rate their citizens based on behaviors and give them a credit score which would impact their “social and economic status, access to better schools and employment, a nicer apartment, access to newer rental cars, and even friendships.”

Creepy, right?

It’s already started.

Listen to this video that freelance journalist James O’Malley posted on his Twitter page.

Dear passengers: people who travel without a ticket, or behave disorderly or smoke in public area will be punished according to regulations. And their behavior will be recorded in individual credit information system. To avoid negative record of personal credit, please follow the relevant regulations.

From The Federalist:

The Chinese government stated that the social credit system “uses encouragement to keep trust and constraints against breaking trust as incentive mechanisms, and its objective is raising the honest mentality and credit levels of the entire society … commend sincerity and punish insincerity.” Based on this, we know that unlike western credit bureaus, which mainly collect financial information, China’s social credit system is intended to mold Chinese citizens collectively into “good” people who follow a “moral” code of conducts sanctioned by China’s communist government.

The social credit system is very comprehensive. It collects more than 800 data points on each individual. Many data points are not financial, but behavioral, such as an individual’s online shopping behavior, education history, and everyday behaviors such as whether you run a red light, smoke in marked nonsmoking area, or put the garbage out incorrectly.

Every behavior you can think of is currently being tracked by more than 200 million surveillance cameras that use facial recognition technology. By 2020, when China rolls out the social credit system nationwide, China is expected to have 626 million surveillance cameras installed. According to South China Morning News, “China is developing a facial recognition system that can match faces to a database of 1.3 billion ID photos in seconds, with a target of achieving 90 per cent accuracy.”

Read the rest here and next time your socialist friend starts raving about the benefits of socialist policies and how the United States should adopt them, remind them that socialism leads to Communism, which leads to this.


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