Donnelly campaign running ads for Libertarian candidate in Indiana Senate race

The Daily Beast has uncovered Facebook ads paid for by Indiana’s State Democratic Party and endorsed by Indiana Senator Joe Donnelly’s campaign that support Libertarian candidate Lucy Brenton.

Those ads, suggest that Republican Candidate Mike Braun supported Hillary Clinton in 2016 and one says “Mike Braun will say anything to get elected, but the fact is that he was an active Democrat for decades, and voted to raise your taxes 159 times. Libertarian Party candidate “Lucy Brenton is the true anti-tax conservative.”

Dozens of ads are being run on Facebook pages titled Tax Hike Mike Braun and Hoosier Conservatives in an attempt to mislead Republican voters and essentially split their votes between Braun and Brenton, giving Donnelly a win.

According to the Daily Beast, “Both pages were created on Wednesday and appear to be nothing but platforms for the Democratic ads they’re hosting, though neither says that it’s a project of state Democrats. Each of the ads links to Brenton’s campaign website.”

In addition to the Facebook ads, Democrats are also sending out mailers to voters encouraging people to vote for Lucy Brenton and one user posted the mailer he got on Twitter.


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