You have to read this bizarre Tweet storm among Tomi Lahren, Candace Owens & Kathy Griffin!

Tomi Lahren, Candace Owens and Kathy Griffin are engaging in a weird, yet entertaining Twitter war that involves Kanye West, failed careers and Halloween stunts.

It all started when Tomi posted a Tweet where she acted like she was the only person who didn’t believe Kanye West was genuinely entering the conservative political climate. She’s not, but whatever.

Candace Owens must have thought Lahren was calling her out, because she responded with a jab at her career.

Owens was referring to this photo Lahren posted of her Halloween costume.

Lahren fired back at Owens, saying she wouldn’t be baited into some kind of Twitter war. (Ummm, hello – isn’t that what’s going on??)

Owens respond with a juicy threat to release nasty messages from Lahren, and then Kathy Griffin, who wasn’t amused by the Halloween stunt, started jumping in, adding another layer to the back and forth.

Her response to Griffin seemed to end the bizarre exchange.

This is 2018, folks.

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