Conservative pundits have fun with Halloween

Halloween is over but it’s still fun to see the creativity that went into putting a costume together.  Conservative politicians, bloggers, talk show hosts and pundits also got in the spooky spirit yesterday and posted their costumes on their social media pages.

Check out the photos below!

Dana Loesch is never one to disappoint – she’s gone as a Planned Parenthood doctor and Wonder Woman in the past.


Tomi Lahren 
put her own spin on the Kathy Griffin/severed Donald Trump head fiasco.

Meghan McCain made pretty convincing and beautiful Elsa.

Abby Huntsman, appeared alongside Meghan on The View as the many changing faces of Lady Gaga.

The Daily Wire staff had some fun, although it doesn’t appear that Ben Shapiro participated.

Kassy Dillon‘s costume was pretty awesome though – she dressed up as Nikki Haley.

Ted Cruz didn’t exactly dress up as anything, but trolled the internet hard with his Zodiac killer tweet.

Not sure who Zoya the Destroya is, but  Mary Katharine Ham looks fab in her costume.

And finally, singer Kaya Jones went as cultural appropriation…lol




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