Perez Hilton causes outrage by agreeing with President Trump’s stance on birthright citizenship

2018 continues to get weirder. Gossip blogger and flaming liberal Perez Hilton is agreeing with President Trump when it comes to birthright citizenship.

Hilton posted a series of Tweets yesterday that caused an uproar on social media.

When a verified account named Rocky responded that no human is illegal, Hilton replied by stating that people are here in the United States illegally.

Then, a female filmmaker accused him of not being welcoming, to which he replied, “I’m definitely in favor of welcoming them in. I just think it should be done legally. AND I also think it is not just the right thing to do but the responsibility of America to help other countries in need.”

He later filmed a YouTube video addressing the outrage and stating that both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama wanted immigration reform and recognized the system is broken. 

First it was Kanye, now Perez? 2018 sure is shaping up to be a weird year where celebrities nobody thought could ever agree with President Trump, did.


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