Missouri Dem. Claire McCaskill calls out ‘crazy Democrats’

Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill is hoping to get re-elected. She’s also running for re-election in a Midwestern red state. So, for a Democrat in that kind of environment, that means a couple of things.

That means she must run away from her party and run to the right. Is this truly how the woman feels? Who knows, I’m not one to say what the woman actually thinks but nevertheless it’s still interesting the timing of her remarks.

In an interview with Fox News, McCaskill calls out those who, encouraged by members of her party, scream at and harassed elected officials in public. She calls them crazy Democrats, saying that it’s all about having good manners and being civil with one another.


She also takes some swipes at leftist darlings Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

Again, is she just saying all of this in order win re-election? I don’t know, that’s for Missouri residents to decide in a week. But I will say she seems to be taking a page out of Sen. Joe Donnelly’s playbook who has run away from his party and cozied up to President Trump.

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