Missouri Dem. Claire McCaskill calls out ‘crazy Democrats’

Missouri Democrat Claire McCaskill is hoping to get re-elected. She’s also running for re-election in a Midwestern red state. So, for a Democrat in that kind of environment, that means a couple of things. That […]


SHOCKING! Planned Parenthood cares about babies but there’s a catch…

President Trump proclaimed to Axois that he plans to use an Executive Order to do away with birthright citizenship and while that may not actually happen because it’s unconstitutional and would likely result in lengthy legal […]

Kanye West says he’s done with politics, believes he’s been ‘used,’ will now focus on being creative

In the last couple of months, Kanye West has been a divisive, hot button political figure. From tweets displaying his support for President Trump, his most recent appearance on Saturday Night Live and his visit […]

A new flavor of ice cream wants you to resist

Politics touches nearly every area of our lives. From friendships, to workplaces and in some instances, even in our places of worship, politics of the day seems to ultimately infiltrate and make for tension-filled situations. […]