WATCH: Donnelly’s message in latest ad rings hollow

Democrat Joe Donnelly is in the fight for his political career. In recent polls, the incumbent Democrat is running behind challenger, Republican Mike Braun.

For Donnelly, being a Democrat in red-state Indiana, winning re-election was always going to be a difficult task. But as much as he like to portray himself as being above the fray, not apart of the fighting and partisan bickering in Washington D.C., he still has a major problem: He’s a creature of Washington.

Donnelly has been a U.S. senator for six years and prior to that was a member of House of Representatives for six years. Whether he likes it or not, Donnelly is part of D.C. Add that to the fact that he voted against Trump’s tax reform plan, for Obamacare and for the Iran Nuclear Deal.

Check out his latest attempt at trying to portray himself as a centrist, basically saying that he’s not a member of either party:

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